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Inception Fic Finder is a community for finding the fics you could have sworn you'd bookmarked! If you're looking for a specific fic, fics that apply to a certain genre or category, or anything in between, you'll find it here! Please read on for all the information!

1.) This is not a community to post or advertise your fiction, artwork, or other Inception-inspired pieces. This community is dedicated solely to finding fanfiction.

2.) Please do not post any Inception-related news, either. Again, this is for searching for fandom works, not for posting anything related directly to the movie.

3.) You can only search for fanfiction here. We understand there are tons of fandom works, but this community is solely for fanfiction.

4.) If you have a question, please ask.

1.) Tag your entry appropriately. As of now, entries are not moderated. If these rules are commonly disobeyed, they will become moderated, so don't abuse this!

2.) Do not delete your entry once your work has been found. There may be other people searching for the same thing.

3.) Do not use any illegible text formatting once your work has been found. This may include using "strikethrough" or unnecessary font changes.

4.) Once your work has been found, please alter the subject line to include the word "found."

5.) The subject line is your friend. This is the first thing people will see when browsing the community. Make sure that it is formatted properly and is a direct expression of what you are searching for.

6.) Before you submit your post, make sure you have browsed the tags to see if your request has already been found.

7.) To prevent spoiling stories for other users (and clogging up friends lists), please post a brief summary of your search and place the rest behind an LJ cut.

8.) Please, please, please try to use proper punctuation, spelling, and capitalization.